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Pilgrim's Pipe-Weed

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With a jolly smile and a wink, the gray pilgrim tilts back his head and blows a ring of smoke from his mouth.  His long beard and pointy hat give him away in an instance; but the sweet scent of his favorite pipe-weed revealed him first of all.

Evoking a mood of an old, friendly, and wise vagabond, this candle is scented with sweet vanilla, smoky tobacco, and a little bit of wizard's spice.

Reasons why you'll love this candle:

  • Made with coconut-soy wax for a smooth, clean burn that will last you 50 hours or more
  • Crackling wood wick for an ancient, natural feeling
  • Embossed glass jar

Hand-poured from the highest quality ingredients, this candle uses fragrance oil that is phthalate-free.

Made in Maryland and Utah.