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Named for Legolas, Sindarin prince and son of Elvenking Thranduil of Mirkwood; Legolas' name translates to 'Greenleaf,' owing to his heritage and affinity for the natural world.

Give light to Green Leaf as you draw your Galadhrim longbow and silently stalk your orcish prey. The evergreen boughs cup the midnight moon, above. An Uruk-hai breathes so heavily you could've shot him in the dark.

Middle-earth will never be the same again.

Evoking a mood of stealthy hunting in the shade of the forest canopy, this candle is scented with blue spruce, eucalyptus, cedar, and moss.

Reasons why you'll love this candle:

  • Made with coconut-soy wax for a smooth, clean burn that will last you 50 hours or more
  • Crackling wood wick for an ancient, natural feeling
  • Embossed glass jar, like fine Elvish craftsmanship

Hand-poured from the highest quality ingredients, this candle uses fragrance oil that is phthalate-free.

Made in Maryland and Utah.