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Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Candle

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Valiant's Eucalyptus candle is made with pure, natural therapeutic-grade eucalyptus oil, soy wax, and a ceramic jar. The eucalyptus oil is sourced from Australia and is steam-distilled from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. The oil has a fresh, camphoraceous aroma with a hint of sweetness.

The eucalyptus tree is native to Australia and has been used for centuries by the Aboriginal people for its healing properties. The eucalyptus oil is steam-distilled from the leaves of the tree and is rich in compounds that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and expectorant properties.

Our Eucalyptus candle can be used to help clear sinuses and congestion, relieve muscle aches and pains, and boost mental clarity and focus. The candle can be burned in any room of the house to enjoy the benefits of the eucalyptus oil.

  • SCENT NOTES - Eucalyptus
  • CANDLE DETAILS: 12oz ceramic jar with bamboo lid, with a jar size of 3.5" x 3.5" x 4" and a 40+ hour burn time
  • PERFECT GIFT: Share the love with this perfect gift for your sister, mom, co-worker, friend, or anyone else.
  • STYLE: Besides the fun, pleasant scent, this candle is also elegant and stylish, the perfect home accessory that fits into any home decor style from modern, farmhouse, rustic, or traditional.

Hand-poured from the highest quality ingredients, this candle uses only pure essential oil that is free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in other scented candles.

Made with just a little bit of magic in Utah from natural American soy and cotton.