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East of the Sea

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Nestled beneath the Misty Mountains, a valley reveals a refuge hidden away from the war and cares of the world—a place of peace and learning, where ancient trees grow intertwined with marble columns.

Inspired by the home of Elrond in the Elvish city of Rivendell, from the Lord of the Rings, this custom-blended scent evokes the sense of peace one might feel while standing at the veranda of the last homely house east of the sea.

This candle was designed to create the mood of sweet peace, tranquility, and wonder of the ancient gardens of Rivendell.  The scent includes notes of peaceful green leaves, wondrous flowers, cedarwood, and Elvish moss.

Reasons why you'll love this candle:

  • Made with coconut-soy wax for a smooth, clean burn that will last you 50 hours or more
  • Crackling wood wick for an ancient, natural feeling
  • Embossed glass jar, like fine Elvish craftsmanship

    Hand-poured from the highest quality ingredients, this candle uses fragrance oil that is phthalate-free.

    Made in Maryland and Utah.